Basic skills needed.

Bruno Bini shared this question 2 years ago

Hello. I have zero skills in codes, but full of desire to learn more and maybe turn it into a career. Is dbKoda suggested for initiantes, like myself?

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Hi Bruno,

It's always great to hear more people want to get involved in coding!

However dbKoda is a tool made specifically for developers using MongoDB as their database, and although we provide a lot of functionality and tools for making things simple for beginners, unless you're looking to work with MongoDB it's probably not the place to start.

This blog post shows you how to get started with dbKoda and MongoDB.

But if you're looking for something more related to general software development, there are a number of fantastic resources for learning to code. For initiates I would recommend Codecademy, there are a number of different courses on there for learning to code within your web browser and it's free (with a Pro version if you like it).

If you do end up turning it into a career and working with MongoDB, dbKoda is absolutely the tool for you though ;)

Kind Regards,

Mike from dbKoda.