Connect to MongoDB from Windows dbKoda client

Kevin Danger shared this question 2 years ago

Good day

I love the dbKoda product, looks great and easy.

I have installed dbKoda on my Windows 10 PC and I am trying to connect to an Ubuntu server instance of Mongodb. Can you let me know what I am doing incorrect as it does not want to connect I get the following error.

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Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the delayed response, we're hard at work on our next release of dbKoda!

That error indicates that we couldn't use your local Mongo Binary to connect to the MongoDD server instance, but it's hard to know exactly why without more information. Could you reproduce this error, and then create a support bundle using the ! button in the bottom right of the application.

You can see full instructions on creating a support bundle here:

This will bundle up some logs that you can send to us that should help us analyse your error and fix it.

Kind Regards,

Michael from dbKoda.



I am having similar issue with dbkoda install on windows 10 pro and Mongodb instance on CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 .(Core).

The "Test" connection is successful but when I tried to "Connect" to Mongodb replica set, I got the bellow error in the attachment. I am also including the config.yml file. Any suggestion please?

Thank you,



Attaching the support bundle....