Could not verify mongo binary location: Command failed:

Paul Hardwick shared this question 2 years ago

I am receiving the below error when trying to connect dbKoda to my remote mongo.

I am using SSH to connect to the remote server where mongo is being run and the DB exists. I am doing this from my Mac OS X (10.11)

>> Could not verify mongo binary location: Command failed: "/usr/bin/mongo" --version /bin/sh: /usr/bin/mongo: No such file or directory <<

I filled in the command location in the .dbkoda/config.yml file

>> mongoCmd: /usr/bin/mongo

and have verified that it is there on the mongo server.

But before going further I wanted to verify a basic assumption which might be wrong on my part.

Is the SSH connection creating a tunnel to the remote server to run the mongo shell there, or is it actually running the mongo shell on my laptop and just forwarding the 27017 traffic over the connection?

Either way can you mention in the doc so as to make it clearer to future users?


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Based on a comment in another question I may have found the issue. I was trying rot access the mongo shell on the remote server but the comment implies that the shell runs on my laptop.

BTW, I am running dbKoda 0.8.1 and MongoDB shell version: 3.2.12

I'll try installing 3.6.x via home-brew on my Mac, hopefully that will be a valid combo


OK, guess I'll close my own ticket. The issue Was me trying to use mongo shell on the remote server and not my laptop. I did have to install mongo locally to get the shell, but after that it managed to connect to the DB, now I'll experimenting

BTW for anyone else having this fun. Two more tips.

If you use home-brew to install mongo you should not take the default unless you are on 10.12 (I'm on ElCapitan 0 10.11) for people on 10.11 you need to use " brew install mongodb@3.4" otherwise the required install for Xcode will be 3.8.2 which only runs under HighSierra (10.12)


Hi Paul,

You are correct that we currently need a mongo binary on the desktop to establish a connection. We are planning to introduce a remote SSH shell connection in a future version (probably 0.10). That would work by establishing an SSH connection to a remote host and then passing commands to the mongo shell on that host. Of course, that will require two sets of authentication credentials - SSH and mongo, but it wil have some other advantages besides.

We are just in the process of pushing the 0.9 build now - it includes SSH terminal to the remote host that can be used to run top or other OS utilities.

Thanks for trying dbKoda!

Regards Guy