Error while switching to Enhanced JSON View / JSON Table View

Tobias Wohland shared this question 2 years ago

Hi team,

after I updated to the newest version I observed the following problem:

After I did a simple query I cannot switch to the "Enhanced JSON View" or the new "JSON Table View" respectively. Probably there is a bug within this feature. The error is as follows:

Could not parse a document from the selected text.Invalid JSON: { "_id" : "..."

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Hey Tobias,

Apologies for this issue and thanks for providing us with feedback, it helps us improve the product immensely.

We're looking into your issue now, we believe we may have figured out where the bug in our code is and are investigating a fix, I'll update you when a fix is available in our nightly builds or next release :)

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Hi Tobias,

Sorry for the long delay between updates, our new release 0.9 was just released and should include a fix for this issue, thanks for your feedback.

Kind Regards,

Michael from dbKoda.