Great new tool

siddarth sen shared this question 16 months ago

This is a great new tool!! But in my opinion you need to bring in features of Studio 3T for MongoDB for example listing all the data as a table, as a tree, as a JSON.

currently the way you display data is only as a JSON..

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Hi Siddarth,

Thanks for trying dbKoda and providing the feedback. I totally agree that it's desirable to have multiple ways to look at query output.

I don't know if you tried right clicking on the JSON output and selecting "Enhanced JSON view"? That shows a collapsible tree format for a single document as in the screen shot below:


Long strings are truncated, and nested documents can be expanded or contracted individually or for the entire document using the Expand control at the top. I'd be very interested to hear what you think about that and if we can implement any further enhancements that you might suggest.

In the current development build (eg if you build from source) we are working on the table view, which shows the data as a grid. Embedded documents and arrays can be collapsed or expanded in a similar way:


We'll also have a chart view in the next release so you can examine data as a chart

These features should show up in tonights nightly binary builds, which you can download from The table view was turned off in the most recent nightly builds, but should be available in tomorrows build.

Please don't hesitate to suggest any enhancements to dbKoda - we want our roadmap to be community driven so we are at your service :-).