Issues on dbKoda drill and Storage data

Adinan Aguiar shared this question 2 years ago

Hi team, hope you are all well.

I'm starting my study on dbKoda and MongoDB and I'm having some difficults to set up drill because when the IDe should download plugins and stuff generate error on the process.

I have downloaded drill directly from apache and started on my system (Linux Mint) all went well there, but when try to use on dbKoda the editor won't start.

About the storage graphic I was able to use in one of my servers but note in others. Hope you can help me solve those issues.

I have attached the logs for your analysis

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Adinan,

Sorry for letting you know that currently we only support Apache Drill version 1.11.0 which you can download from here.

By looking at the logs, I think another issue is that you will have to configure the Apache Drill Path as '/opt/apache-drill-1.11.0‘ Instead of '/opt/apache-drill-1.11.0/bin’

We will be releasing a new version soon with the support of latest version of Apache Drill. I will update you once it is out.

Thanks for sending us the logs to analyse.

Wahaj from dbKoda


Thanks for the reply team!

I downloaded the recommended version but still have the same issue, please refer to the screenshot

Here are the configuration of drill:


I believe I had the correct permissions on the folder:


And the controller log:


Hope to hear from you team, thanks in advance!


Hi Adinan,

Sorry that you have to go through such inconvenience due to our Auto-Downloader/Setup being broken for Apache Drill. But you can download the dbKoda Drill Controller from this link

After downloading, you will have to configure the path of it manually in this file. "/home/adinan.aguiar/.dbKoda/config.yml"

The top three lines of config.yml file should look like this.

mongoCmd: /usr/local/bin/mongo

drillCmd: /opt/apache-drill-1.11.0

drillControllerCmd: /opt/dbkoda-java-controller-latest.jar

You just need to configure drillControllerCmd to the path where you have download the controller from above link.

Hope this will solve the issue.

I have already filled a ticket for this issue and it will be solved in the next release.

Thanks again for getting back to us and identifying this issue.


Hi to the Koda team!

Please let me know when you update DBKoda to support apache-drill-1.13.0.

In addition is it possible to setup apache-drill-1.13.0 to interact with dbkoda just setting up the drill path in dbkoda for Windows 10?

I installed separately drill on C:\drill\apache-drill-1.13.0\



Hi Carlos!

We've just release version 1.0 of dbKoda, this should fix your issue as we've added support for apache-drill 1.13.0 a long with a whole range of improvements that you can view here:

You can download the latest version of dbKoda for your chosen platform at


Mike from dbKoda.


Hi DbKoda Team.

Is it possible to download the Sakila database in Json or bson format from your site as it was possible before?

The web page gives an error (not found).



Hi Carlos,

You can find that blog post here now:

We moved the blog to Medium in March, but it looks like there is an issue with the old blogs which broke the redirect for that post.


Chris from dbKoda