Mistakes in the menu items (Import/Export) for the collections

naveen reddy shared this question 13 months ago

Hi Team,

There was big mistake that I would like to report in the version 1.0.1 ( where the import and export are indicated oppositely. I have seen it in the document level menu options where the functionalities are same but the sign's beside it indicate opposite.



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Hi Naveen,

First off thanks heaps for providing some feedback to dbKoda! Sorry for the late reply we've been quite busy over the holiday and new year period.

We always interpreted the arrows as a download to disc (export) and an upload to server (import) so that's why we chose those arrows, however now that you've mentioned it I can definitely see how you could interpret them the other way!

We'll talk to our UX designer and have a think about how we can make those icons more clear in the next release.

Thanks again,

Mike from dbKoda.