Mongo Altas

Michael Rosenholtz shared this question 2 years ago

The tool connect to Mongo Atlas, but many of the feature don't seem to work, for example the rs.Status hang and does not return results. Creating DB does not happen, and so on. In the age of cloud being the direction our company is head, it would be helpful, if this tool was test against Mongo Altas

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Hi Michael,

We do test on Atlas and we don't release the product unless all the automated tests pass on that platform.

rs.status() works on our Altas test instance, so we might need to do some more investigation. I assume that rs.status() works OK from the command line? On the issue of the creating a database, I was unable to find any problem with that on Atlas. Normally, a database is created automatically by MongoDB when a collection is created in that database. Eg "use NewDB; db.NewDB.insert({a:2})" should create a databases. However, you might need to refresh the tree to see it.

The easiest way for us to investigate this would be to get a support bundle from you - you can create this by clicking on the little exclamation mark in the lower right of the product. I'd also be interested in the roles that your use has and if that user can execute rs.status() from the command line.