.Net "GUID" displayed as BinData

P-O Edqvist shared this question 2 years ago

Is it possible to see my C# / .Net GUID-fields as I would read them in .Net and not BinData(3,....) when the results are returned?

When finding the document with id: "18a9e0f2-f592-404f-87e8-5657d8ebfecb" the results are { "_id" : BinData(3,"8uCpGJL1T0CH6FZX2Ov+yw==")...

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Hi there,

Thanks for using dbKoda, unfortunately our current implementation aims to replicate the MongoDB Shell experience as closely as possible, which means returning that data in BinData format.

However we've added a feature improvement task to our backlog for your request, so hopefully you'll be able to specify how you want your data returned in the near future while using the product.

Kind Regards,

Michael from dbKoda.