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Hello dbKoda Team,

I was wondering if it is possible to see "Top connections" on the performance Panel for secondaries nodes of a replica set? This will allow to monitor load on queries running preferably on secondaries.

Reading from one of the previous topics:, it sounds like we can open a Performance Lab for secondaries. I have not been able to replicate that. Highlighting a secondary node and then Opening a Performance Panel seems to take me to the same Performance Panel as the Primary. I am using dbKoda 1.1


Also is the number of executions on the Profiling Results panel cumulative over the profiling data collection time span?


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Unfortunately, we don't currently support opening a performance panel on a secondary. Embarrassingly, we thought we did - you can set your read preference to SECONDARY in the cluster connect panel and that should create a connection to the secondary. Alas, it seems that mongo doesn't respect that preference. For instance, here I set secondary as my read preference and try and directly connect to the secondary on port 27028:


But when I connect I'm on the primary:

replset:PRIMARY> rs.isMaster()
"hosts" : [
"arbiters" : [
"setName" : "replset",
"setVersion" : 1,
"ismaster" : true,
"secondary" : false,
"primary" : "localhost:27027",
"me" : "localhost:27027",

So we are going to have to work on this one. We've put in a change request for this. We'll let you know when the fix is available.

Thanks for trying dbKoda!



Hi Guy,

Thanks for getting back to me with such a quick turnaround.

I am looking forward for the fix.


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