How can I connect to CosmoDB using dbKoda?

Microsoft's CosmoDB is a multi-model, cloud-based, elastic database system that provides an optional MongoDB-compatible interface.  When using CosmoDB in this mode, CosmoDB will store Mongo-compatible JSON documents and accept mongoDB wire protocol requests. 

You can establish a connection from dbKoda to a CosmoDB database pretty easily.   Start with the Connection string page for your CosmoDB database:

You can configure dbKoda to connect using the information on this page. The best way is to enter username, host and other information as you normally would (don't forget to select the SSL option):

That's all it takes!  You should now have a connection to your CosmoDB database.CosmoDB does not support all mongoDB commands, and therefore not everything is supported.  For instance, you'll get a "command not supported" error if you try and create a user: 

Similar issues will occur if you try and view MongoDB configuration or performance metrics.  However, you can use basic query and data manipulation commands - including data load and unload - and of course you can enter and edit mongodb query commands in the editor.   

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