How do I build and run dbKoda from source?

We recommend you use one of our installers if you can.  However, you can install and run dbKoda from source if you want to.   These instructions are for linux or mac systems.  Also see the instructions in the file of for more details instructions and various advanced ways you can run, build and configure the product. 

You should make sure you have nodeJs version 7.0 installed.  Also install yarn:

npm -g install yarn webpack-dev-server rimraf webpack

You need to clone 3 github repositories:

git clone
git clone
git clone

Build in each of these directories:

for dir in dbKoda-ui dbKoda-controller dbKoda ;do
   ( cd $dir;yarn install  )

Startup the three main processes:

(cd  dbKoda-ui;yarn dev) & 
(cd  dbKoda-controller; npm run dev) & 
(cd  dbKoda; npm run byo) & 

Walla!  Your dbKoda should now be running.

These commands can be found in in the root directory of the dbKoda directory. 

Warning:   When you run dbKoda from source the dbkoda-controller listens on port 3030 for commands.  It's possible that an external program could communicate with the controller and send commands to your mongo databases.  This issue does not exist in the binary builds. 

OS Specific notes:

On Linux, you may need to install c++ :  yum install gcc-c++ for instance.  Also, you could try "npm rebuild" in the dbKoda-controller repository if you have errors invoking the "pty.node" module. 

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