How do I generate a support bundle?

A support bundle is a tar or zip file that you can send to the dbKoda team to help us resolve any problems you might have.  

Starting with version 0.8, you can generate a support bundle by clicking the "alert" icon at the bottom right of the product (just next to the smiley face). 

The support bundle ZIP or Tar file is created in your ".dbKoda" dirctory.  On windows this is %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\.dbKoda - typically C:\Users\YourUserName\.dbKoda.  On Linux or Mac, the file is in $HOME/.dbKoda. 

Prior to 0.8, or in circumstances where you can't even run the product to generate the support bundle, you may collect a support bundle manually by following the instructions below. 

To generate a support bundle, download the script appropriate to your client operating system.

For Windows:

For Linux or MacOS:

On Windows, run the script using PowerShell like this:

On Linux or MacOS, run the using bash:

Then send the .zip or .tar.gz file to 

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