What data does dbKoda collect?

The data we collect is outlined in our privacy policy at https://www.dbkoda.com/#privacy-policy.   You should visit that link to make sure we have not changed anything.  At the time this FAQ was written the relevant section of the privacy policy was:

Southbank Software collects metric to track the installations of dbKoda. We do this to assess the popularity of the product and assess the popularity of product features. If you consent to this program we will transmit these metrics via Google Analytics.

We do not collect any personal information and cannot identify you in any way using this information. The data transmitted is totally anonymous.

We do not collect any information from the MongoDB databases that you might use with dbKoda. We do take note of the number of MongoDB databases you use with dbKoda and whether these databases are part of a replica set or sharded cluster but never transmit any information about the contents, schema of those databases or the database commands that you may issue.

We do collect information about which dbKoda features you use, and how often you use dbKoda.

You may opt out of this program when you launch dbKoda, or at any time afterwards (See our faq).

If you opt out, we send a one time message to our servers recording the decline. We do this so that we can calibrate statistics collected from the entire user population. No personal or identifying information is sent with the decline message. It is used solely to increment a counter of the number of opt-outs.

This data collection is controlled by the "Send Telemetry Data to dbKoda?" checkbox on the welcome page.  You can uncheck this box at any time:

When you first launch dbKoda, we ask more explicitly if you would like to participate:

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