Problem to connect with mongo

Felipe Miranda shared this question 2 years ago

I don't know if it is a Bug or I am doing something wrong but when I Try to connect to database I receive the error: Error: Authorization Failed: no such cmd: listCollections

My database don't have a password configured.

Help me please!

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Hi Felipe,

Firstly thanks for trying dbKoda, it's possible that your version of the MongoDB shell isn't currently supported by the product, as the listCollection command only exists in version > 3.0.0.

Could you let me know what version of the mongo shell is installed on your computer?

You can gain this information by executing "mongo --version" from a terminal (assuming mongo exists in your Path).

You can also test this command directly through the mongo shell by executing:

use {my database}


Kind Regards,

Michael from dbKoda.


Hi, i think I know what is my problem.

Have any way to connect with Mongo installed in other server?


Hi Filipe,

Sorry for the delay in replying. You can of course connect to a remote Mongo server, but at the moment we require that you have a mongo client installed on your desktop. What we think is happening in your case is that your client or server is less than version 3.0, which is the earliest version we support.

If you run mongo --version on the command line you should be able to see which version you are using




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